Comment: Moneyball Politics

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Moneyball Politics

Ron Paul will not be able to compete head to head with Mitt Romney and his Wall Street money machine so he is going to have to play it smart by sticking to proportional primary states and other states where he can get the most delegates per dollar. Hopefully that will drive the costs for Romney into the stratosphere hurting them where it counts. Florida is a winner take all state that has lost half of its delegates and which is extremely expensive, therefore, it is barely worth spending money on but a good showing will help to keep the momentum going. The best strategy there is to try to emulate what Santorum did in Iowa, hard work and very little money.
It is sad to say it but elections are a money game and the best tactic is to try to drive Romney's cost per delegate up while Ron Paul keeps his cost per delegate low. If he can do that well enough then Romney's backers will end up getting sick of throwing money at his campaign. Ron Paul won't have the money to plow through like Romney so strategy is going to be extremely important.