Comment: Allow Me to Put it in words of a Prayer

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Allow Me to Put it in words of a Prayer

Oh Dear Father God, we all come humbly, but with boldness in front of your throne with this prayer:

Lord confuse the enemies of peace... the friends of greed. We pray that your servant Dr. Ron Paul speaks with passion, conviction, and with a fire that consumes the words of his opponents.

Lord we pray that the eyes and ears of those who are watching and listening are opened and eager to embrace the truth, and that the lies and propaganda that they have been indoctrinated with are rejected.

Lord put a stop to all of Paul's detractors, including the moderators, producers, and commentators.

Lord we pray that they abandon their desire for their paychecks and instead adopt a love for America and all of the nations around the earth.

We pray that a deep conviction to declare the truth, at all costs, overtakes them.

For the voters Lord, we pray that they hear the truth and accept it as truth. Help them to recognize that the "lesser-of-evils" is still evil, and that they will stand with the truth, regardless of how unpopular they think it is.

Last but not least Lord, we pray for the protection of Ron Paul's life. For honesty, integrity, truth, and wisdom to pour from his lips, that he shuts the mouths of his adversaries.

Thank you Lord, in Jesus's name, Amen!