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Comment: I hope Ron Paul is right

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I hope Ron Paul is right

3. The night's big loser was Ron Paul, who looked deeply flustered in trying to explain his views on whether President Obama was right to send U.S. forces in pursuit of Osama bin Laden without approval from the Pakistani government. Paul spoke for so long, and meandered through so many contradictory thoughts, that it called to mind Ronald Reagan's confused tour down the California coast in his first 1984 debate with Walter Mondale -- an answer that raised questions about whether Reagan was too old for the job. Rick Perry, showing a previously hidden talent for the jugular, offered the most succinct verdict on Paul's tangled soliloquy by linking it back to Baier's ruminations on the buzzer: "I was going to say maybe the noise you were looking for was a gong." Paul's floor of support looks like it could withstand a direct nuclear strike; but it's hard to imagine that debacle of an answer (which, like another later response on foreign policy, drew audible boos from the crowd) didn't lower his ceiling in the race.

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