Comment: Psst ... Mr. Moderator ... a Suggestion

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Psst ... Mr. Moderator ... a Suggestion

Many of us think that some of Ron Paul's responses to some questions in the debate could be greatly improved, so as to connect with the voters who are not familiar with his policies or -- especially -- why he views things the way he does.

My suggestion:

(1) Start a new thread here on the Daily Paul, where specific questions are asked (i.e. What would you have done with Osama bin Laden? Why do you support an isolationist foreign policy? Will you endorse Mitt Romney when he is annointed (lol)).

(2) Let all of us who think we have good ideas for answers offer suggestions -- exactly the way we would answer if we were in his shoes at the debate. Within that thread, we could respond to other people's ideas, vote up/down, etc.

(3) Try to arrive at some consensus of the best answers that we do not see Ron Paul utilizing but that we think would be helpful.

(4) They you (so that RP doesn't get inundated with the same thing over and over), send an email to the Ron Paul Campaign and tell them who you are, what we did, and give them the best responses (along with a link back to the thread).

He's got his professional team, but for whatever reason, some of the debate answers are not hitting home.

What say you?