Comment: sorry if you cant tell

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sorry if you cant tell

but im not white. and im 19, so i am, if you may, "allowed" to speak in terms of "ya thang"

anyways, when i said "brothers" i didn't mean it in a racial sense, i meant it in the sense that we're all brothers and sisters in the cause, the cause for liberty.
You know, us colored folk dont hold sole claim on the word "brother" - there are "brothers in christ" "brother from anotha mother" annnnnnnd "brothers in the cause of ____"

What's with ya pal? why you hating on me so much? do you like track my posts?
aren't you that same asshole who got all butthurt because i disagreed with peter schiffs attack on NIA's Romney con video? and proceeded to point out that he's not as great of an investor as most people think, using a lighthearted jew joke? get tha fuck outta here, last thing we need in our crowds are over sensitive politically correct fools taking everything up the ass!