Comment: You did a beautiful job RP

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You did a beautiful job RP

Given "ALL" that was presented to you. The average person would not be able to handle, what you put up with, nor what you have to deal with Dr Paul. Standing up there and completely ignored for the first 40mins of this debate. With intention to marginalize you, to aggravate you..they wait for an aggressive response. However their plan doesn't work, and so, you continue to patiently stand there, and wait, and wait, for your turn to come. This again, done with intention, to make you're mind tired, so by the time they decide to come to you, you struggle to find the free flow of words you need when answering your questions. Yet again, they fail, as you continue with a strong mind, a strong heart, principled, and consistent. Spreading the message that so desperately needs to be heard, educating the people, to the best of your ability, and in end proving you are best candidate to run for presidency. Thee only one. Re-enforcement of this acknowledgement is sealed when the results show, you were the "WINNER" of the night. Winning in "ALL" categories in the twitter polls. And not just by a whim, but by a landslide!! Beautiful Dr Paul. You are the best!! Special thank you to Harris Faulkner, the fox news anchor, for her honesty and integrity, in relation to exposing Dr Paul was indeed the winner of the polls. Like Dr Paul, she too, is an honest lady, and we need more people like them.