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Depending on what you are using it for

I actually like using 240V in my own home, just can't make any mistakes. There's all ways somewhere in a big city you can get things like that. I started using it for some stuff right after college and saved a big chunk on my utility bill every month.

There are 240v lines in your home, this could be used to run your electric stove or dryer. So depending on when where and how this is being used it could save a lot of money.

If you add an idea like this to aquaponics, earth sheltered construction, light fiberoptics... I'll do a sketch but you could feasibly make sustainable systems that can feed cities the size of Denver in areas that would normally make terrible farms, like dry farmland in the midwest. That also produce soil, fresh water fish (100s of species), animals for food and pets (dozens of varieties), electricity from sustainable biological resources. Which could feasibly last for 100s of years and consumes minimal resources. Would also make one heck of a place to live.