Comment: Theeasylifeofthe allknowning butseldom doig armchairQuarterback!

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Theeasylifeofthe allknowning butseldom doig armchairQuarterback!

Don't get me wrong, I really feel that good constructive criticism is healthy and good, but I really think that a lot of these guys on here who are always highly critical of Ron Paul's performances in these debates need to get off their duffs and hit the pavement or run for some office in order to spread the message, instead of contributing by their highly critical play by play analysis from the couch. I really think it would sober them up in a hurry, and restore a lot of the respect and admiration for a guy who did his very best last night. And by the way it was amazing!! I actually handed out super brochures all day yesterday in the cold and I talking to tons of students on the side walk(by the way most of them sincerely thanked me for doing what I was doing)at BYU-Idaho. I did this for about six hours until one friendly officer and a university security officer can and protected and served me by scaring my two dogs half to death, telling me to put my hands where he could see them, then telling me to put my bag of brochures on the wet ground(he yelled put your bag on the ground), and then put my hands on the hood of his car as he frisked me for guns and knives, and then I was treated to a Nazi style game of inquisition!! Then They threatened me if they had ever one complaint, or if I stepped foot on there private side walk again that they've have me run out of town or thrown in jail. Mind you, I'm Mormon and I served a two year mission in Finland for this church!!! The reason that I was there talking to students was because one of my friends that goes to school there was threatened with being kicked out of school if he continued in his political activism after that university cancelled all political clubs. Mind you that the school newspaper the day I got thrown on the hood of the car for nothing had a section about the candidates and the GOP race!!! What really makes me mad is that on our churches official web site it says"the lord has stressed that we aught to be concerned and involved in promoting good government." I guess just not on there property ironically enough!! But after my experience the other day and many other ones like this, I always look at the cup half full when I see anyone giving it there best to fight for the "message of liberty" and I think more of these armchair quarterbacks on this site would too if they got out into the real fray from time to time!!!