Comment: Super Pac Video its time to attack the media

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Super Pac Video its time to attack the media

RP number 1 ememy is the media.

At this point we dont have a damn thing to loose. Lets bring it to theses bias lieing deceptive bastards.

They piss and moan all the time about all the problems in America, debt, wars, freedom, Patriot Act, NDAA, etc etc etc...

Time to maybe dig up some Cavuto, Megan, Bill, Brett, Wolf, bitching and then show how they are blacking out the only true statesman who is defending this nations Constitution, freedoms, going after the issues and they lie and deceive the nation against this good man, I say take the gloves off and take a few shots at the midia, did any of you notice the applause Newt got when he took it back at them in the CNN debate, and talke about a candidate being attacked its the good doctor, maybe its time and show the bastards we are not going to take it anymore and show Americans how they twist RP words and lie and how they are being deceived, time to hit them in there lieing mouths. I donate every time there is money bomb, I have had a RP sign in front of my house for 4 years because I believe in him. Its time to take the F ING gloves off against our true enemy the MEDIA.