Comment: I can try to post my entire response without the numbers

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I can try to post my entire response without the numbers

The idea can work, and is working, and there are examples, and the two examples that are most relevant to this community and this site are:

Utah preparing to enact a Gold Standard State Banking System

Ron Paul intending to remove National (not truly Federal unless States are Sovereign Legal Entities) laws that enforce one Legal Money Monopoly (and a fraudulent one at that).

The third example may or may not have anything to do with this site and this community, the third example being a Challenge to anyone, to have ready, on July 4th 2012, alternatives to The Federal Reserve Issue of Extortion based money.

If Utah does enact a Sovereign State Gold Standard System, then it is game over for the Fed, and the person I talked to at the Liberty Convention in Reno, recently, said that he knows it is game over, and he was the one advising the Governors in Utah on this pending legislation, and he warned them about the implications.

Game over.

If Ron Paul is elected, which is something that become more and more likely each day, it seems, then he can reign in the forces that would otherwise be poised to invade Utah, and kill all Mormons (already done once, at least), for their lack of obedience concerning the National Monopoly Money Extortion Racket fealty.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, almost every U.S.A. (a corporation resembling a fascist one, in all bu the minds of the duped victims) Tax Payer, actually giving up earned income, could, conceivably, be ready to choose the right side, when the proverbial crap hits the fan, if they knew better.

Who knows better?

Case in point:

"To spit ourselves out of a monetary system which is obviously crumbling would be nice."

That is exactly the point. The people I call Legal Criminals, the people raiding America, currently, will have their targets, us, or the U.S. Tax Payers, weakest, because we use their fraudulent money, and because they are using that fraudulent money to siphon off, or steal, all the value, and the titles, of everything not nailed down, as they can, and it is exactly at that lowest point where they have crumbled the value of their dollar that We The People will be most ready to choose a better option, or two, or three, so long as it is a competitive option, meaning: higher quality and lower cost.

The Legal Criminals are planning to provide a replacement to the dollar that they control and the dollar that they are planning on destroying, are destroying, and their provided replacement will be worse for us, better for them, and certainly not competitive, it will be monopolistic, or dictatorial, it will be forced upon the ready victims.

The idea is to stop being ready victims.

Don't wait, follow the lead, but don't wait. Have a day on the calender to be the date when the choice will be made, because choices are invented, produced, maintained, and ready to be chosen on that day.

Does that make sense?

"That said, is our money the problem OR is it the management of our money by the Fed that's the problem?"

If it is managed by someone like Ron Paul, what will it be?

If it is managed by someone who writes themselves a check to cause a Nation wide housing disaster, and then writes themselves another check to reward themselves handsomely, richly beyond your capacity to accurately measure, then that is what it will be.

Why wait for a competitive option to be offered by the same criminals writing themselves checks and sending the bill to the productive, honest, tax payers?

In other words: I think it is the people, not the System. So...cut the link between those people, running that crime syndicate called The Federal Reserve, as if cutting their credit card, but, and this is big, have a replacement ready before severing that link.

Does that make sense?