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Honestly, when will Paulbots learn? This spamming crap has GOT TO STOP! This gave Paul a really bad name last time and it took 4 years to overcome it, and now here ya'll go again.

That being said, I have hit Amazon and I'm reporting some of the Levin-drone 1-star reviews.

But, I have actually commented on a few instead. This may be an equally effective approach. For example, to this "review" of The Revolution: A Manifesto that already had 2 comments added:

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Nut Job, January 20, 2012
By coochest
This review is from: The Revolution: A Manifesto(Paperback)
Thank me very much for saving you money! This might be good for starting fires in your fireplace. If you must read it, go to the library.

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anonymous says:
Thinking of purchasing this book, I was reading reviews of this book and I find it rather strange and suspicious that there are a great deal of 1 star reviews, all really lacking substance, that just happen (coincidentally?) to come out in the last several days or so. Strange. Are these even honest reviews or simply some sort of political attack? Anyone?

Steven Wooley says:
Apparently Mark Levin called for all of this listeners to leave 1-star reviews of Ron's book because he doesn't like Ron's philosophy of non-interventionism, sound money, and a smaller federal government. It's incredibly childish.

And I just added:

N. Schultz says:
"Thank me!" How original! Welcome to the world of Levin-drones!

Ha, I just realized that this reviewer may not be a total lost cause after all: Yes, our tax dollars pay for our libraries, so as this reviewer says "If you must read it, go to the library." Good Advice!

Read the book, free your mind!


So, as you can see from "annonymous" some actual Amazon shoppers MAY be interested in Ron Paul and not actually understand what is going on here! Talk about Blowback!

So yes, report the bad Levin-drone reviews to Amazon, but detailed positive reviews are a much better tactic.

And, as they say "No press is bad press, and bad press is better than no press." So STOP FLAMING O'Reilly and Levin's books! IGNORE THE ENEMY!!! Ron Paul suppoirters should know this (ignore) tactic works better than anything else!

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