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I agree!

This is a SERIOUS PROBLEM, the "Libertarian" vs. "Conservative" war.

I personally view myself as a Traditional (ANTI-Neo-CON) Conservative, and I see that as LEGAL Libertarianism.

The problem is the Neo-CONs (war-mongers) and social-conservatives have co-opted the term "Conservative" and make the rest of us look bad, so then Libertarians get mad at us good Traditional Conservatives.

And now you have these EVIL Faux-Conservatives hating on "Libertarians" and trying to force us out of "their" "conservative movement." Seriously - Santorum supporters HATE libertarians and Paleo-Conservatives.

Well, I say: GAME ON! It's time to take back the Republican Party from the FAUX-CONs ONCE AND FOR ALL!

BTW: "Social-Conservative" itself is a misnomer, since I personally have conservative values, just as Ron Paul does, yet I am totally against telling anyone else what to do with their lives because I'd kill them if they did that to me. In reality it is the Warvangelical Religious-Right that is the problem, not honest socially conservative people.

"Values Voters," how ridiculous! Everyone votes based on their own set of values!

Note that pure Neo-CONs are NOT social-conservatives OR fiscal-conservatives in the LEAST! Neo-CONs are MARXIST Zionist War-Mongers - that's it, plain and simple! Look it up!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!