Comment: The American people are playing

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The American people are playing

right into the hands of the Establishment. Ron Paul has a great deal of support and the Establishment knows that. The RP supporters will only back RP, again the Establishment knows that. So what has been there plan all along. Get as many candidates in the race as possible diluting the votes to keep the spot light off of RP. Show him the least amount attention you can. Try and keep the spotlight on Romney because you know without the RP supporters he can not beat Obama. The American people are sucking it up like a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner. But they could lose the game by Paul taking 3rd in Iowa and second in NH. That they did not expect. Now if RP could take first in SC there game would be over. No longer could they keep the spotlight off of him if that were to happen. Once RP gets one on one with Romney then Romney is done. So SC is this telling you anything?