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It's a tongue in cheek reference

to the sillyness of our 2008 ad.

But the libertarian movement within both approved political parties is like a genie out of the bottle at this point. We can work out the necessity of "safety nets", "welfare", and "programs" with the lefties over time.

Right & left (or whatever) libertarians already agree on civil liberties and foreign policy, and are converging on the Fed.

We all agree that the WELFARE, need for WELFARE, or sustainment of the sick, poor, vets, elderly, homeless, abandons, orphans SHOULD be there, the only difference is that we don't think compulsory taxes should be the source of money, rather people who do as God wants, "whatever you do for the lowest, you do for me". The state can't help here. The church can. You and I most certainly can, and we should.

Under proper economic conditions, there would be more of a safety net and far greater prosperity than under authoritarian destruction, which is why Ron Paul's ideas are far more compassionate than all other candidates.

But we are pushing back against 3-4 generations of state worship. Libertarianism isn't an instant conversion.