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Comment: Brainwashed Liberals

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Brainwashed Liberals

and Conservatives.

The panelist's response that Maher liked Paul "because he would let you smoke pot" is a great example of being brainwashed.

The President nor the Federal Gov't has any responsibility nor Authority to forbid citizens from doing anything. In fact the only authority to forbid anything is listed in Art 1 Sections 8, 9, & 10 and it is the People that are forbidding the Gov't, not the other way round.

The D's and R's have simply convinced many (most?) Americans that the Gov't is Mommy & Daddy and they are allowed to tell you what you can do and can come into your room any time they please to make sure everyone is being good little boys and girls.

If the People allow the Gov't to behave as parents, then rest assured the Gov't will treat Citizens as children.