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I had my next door neighbor over and told her about Dr. Paul...

She goes to church every Sunday so I thought she would be a good person to tell about Dr. Paul. Little did I know that she was convinced the only thing America could do was kill more women and children.

I looked at her and asked her did she think Jesus would bomb women and children from 10,000 feet. Her response knocked me off my feet.

Well you know David, God would command entire towns to be destroyed. She would not focus on what Jesus would do but rather what happened before Jesus. Now I don't want to make this a religious thread but it let me know how much our community has been brainwashed by their local pastors.

I now realize why I never went on and became a preacher. I probably would be quartered and hung out to dry by my congregation but I just don't believe that real Christians think it's OK to bomb women and children. Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me," yet so many Neo-Fundelmentalist have blood in their eyes. I would to God that I could get people to understand the voice a lot of them are hearing in their head is the Devil.