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Just a heads up MrMike -

The spam filter takes a while to get used to new users. It will likely grab many of your posts for about a week.

It will let up after a while. Until then, we check the spam filter fairly often, and we try to sort them out and free up what is not spam. Unfortunately, today because of the work on site performance, we are having issues getting into the spam filter to free up posts. No idea how long it will be.

Occasionally some will not get published if there are numerous threads of almost identical topics in order to keep the double posts down.

I (at least me personally anyway) try to bump those found in the spam filter once they are freed to get them back on the active topics list so they have a chance to circulate, but it is often too time consuming commenting a bump on each one if there are many threads caught, at which point it is up to luck of someone finding and bumping it by commenting on it after it has been freed and published.