Comment: Ninety Nine Monkeys for Ron Paul (POEM)

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Ninety Nine Monkeys for Ron Paul (POEM)

Ninety-Nine Monkeys For Ron Paul!

This process by which we select
Our President that we will elect
Has yielded this Year
The neocons worst fear:
The Ron Paul Hundredth Monkey Effect!

No matter how hard the media tries
To make Paul look bad in our eyes
We know his program's correct
'Cause we think and walk erect
And know the media only tells lies!

They're reduced to trying to dissect
Ron on some old newsletter subject
But these media whores
Ignore neocon wars
and the Constitution they never protect.

They speak death to Paul's message of Life
'Cause they only know how to sow strife
But now masses reject
CNN's neocon disrespect
And FOX news is really the Devil's wife

Now we howl and hoot at their ire
For we know that their only desire
Is to see America wrecked
But even presstitutes detect
That Paul's campaign has unquenchable fire!
Charles Ulysses Feney

"This will all end with show trials and piano wire!"