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No, thank you!

After the Iowa caucuses, we saw quite a few people on here questioning the dedication or push of the Paul campaign, and even more-so the 100% volunteers in the thick of it. People, listen! We are fighting a machine here. I felt so bad for our Iowa brothers and sisters out there that pushed with all their might the message, and were downplayed, post-results. I understand, and I feel your cam-PAIN. I am on a full on drive to convince my friends and family that have come to the side of liberty, that this is not a trend, nor a hoo-ra. This is a fight between liberty and tyranny. This is merely, and I stress that, a beginning for what is to come. PLEASE STAY POSITIVE! If you only knew the effort that myself, my brother, and literally thousands of others put into this. We won. Believe it or not, we have converted non-believers, and apathetic consents into fighters, skeptics, and true believers. I cannot stress enough that it is about the message, not the man. KEEP PUSHING! I will continue contributing my time, effort, and hard-earned(our biggest belief) money into the rest of the caucuses and primaries. WE'RE NOT DONE! Stay positive and remember we are fighting the good fight. And let's be honest. If this sways you away from the message of peace and freedom, than you yourself have some reading, AND SOUL-SEARCHING to do. WE ARE NOT HERE BECAUSE WE WANT TO WIN! We are here because we believe in ourselves as individuals. We believe that freedom is a right, and not a privilege. And honestly, did you think it would be easy? This is a movement, a message, and way of life. We didn't zig when we should have zagged. We promoted what's right in the world and we won't stop until that is achieved. For the sake of us in the Palmetto state, don't stop believing, because I've never been more motivated to keep pushing for anything in my life. From a true, disappointed South Carolinian............

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul