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Comment: The long race to the Whitehouse

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The long race to the Whitehouse

Ron Paul for US President is truly a marathon race because he is the only candidate that is actually opposing the 'establishment' (financial institutions/Military corporations)that have 'steered' US politics over the last 20 years.The Ron Paul 'revolution' message has to overcome the bigotry that has been supreme for far too long in politics, hopefully people will progressively 'see the beacon of light, hope, freedom and liberty' throughout this campaign that Ron Paul so passionately promotes. Too many US politicians are 'owned' by and have allegiance to the establishment instead of to the people, for the people, by the people.Ron is the last chance for government of the US to return to its Republic values based on the constitution instead of the status quo of government by corporate interests and their bought/payed for political candidates/representatives. Wake up America before it is too late to turn the tide.