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Two things

First off let me say that this really strikes a chord with me. My stepdad had become a huge fan of RP during '07 and he was diagnosed with lung cancer in late '08. We lost him in March of 2010. He was in his late 60's. A dear friend of my mom's who is a similar age is currently battling pancreatic cancer that was diagnosed last fall.

#1. Attitude is crucial.

I'm going to paraphrase from a book I recently bought for our friend that was written by a cancer survivor who shunned allopathic treatment:

"Think of cancer cells as weak, defenseless cells. Your healthy cells outnumber them greatly, and being so much stronger they can easily overwhelm the weaker cancer cells if given the opportunity."

When my stepdad was diagnosed, none of us in our family had any experience battling cancer. Fearing the "c word" has been ingrained in us by the cancer industry, and it was hard for him to let go of this fear.

Still, despite this fear we were able to get 15 months out of him, including a trip to Europe, without any nuclear medicine. The doctors had given him 3-6 months with chemo.

He did however consume many pharmaceuticals given to him, particularly for pain management. On the plus side, we were able to dabble in some "alternative" therapies, which no doubt helped.

Knowing what I know now, I have little doubt that a more cohesive "alternative" approach combined with a deep seated faith on his part could have healed him of his cancer.

Our friend on the other hand has done things sort of in reverse. In the beginning she was trusting of her doctors and she accepted some of their "treatments". Pancreatic cancer being potentially much more debilitating than lung cancer, we didn't give her much chance of lasting more than a few months. However, we gave her lots of love and advice and told her to please come to us for anything she needed.

By Christmas time it looked like she wasn't going to make through January. The hospital had done all the damage they could and had sent her to a nursing home for hospice care. I didn't hear from her for a while, and then a week or so ago I asked my mom how she was doing and she said "Oh she's doing great! She just decided not to worry about the cancer and live her life to the fullest. She's back home now. You should call her."

Turns out she has been reading like mad and watching and listening to people like Dr. Mercola, and the turnaround is nothing short of miraculous. It's not that she is avoiding her condition altogether and going back to her old lifestyle either. She's taking lots of supplements, watching what she eats, and she has relieved as many of the stresses in her life as possible.

#2: There is no one treatment for everyone.

Just as everyone has different fingerprints, everyone has different chemistry, requiring custom tailored treatment. Matters such as diet, exposure to toxins, stress, pH levels, oxygen levels in the body, etc. are all factors that can contribute to cancer cell growth. The infinite possible combinations of causation are not easily parsed through by someone who isn't a skilled practitioner. Find someone who will use the scientific method to determine the best course of action in a holistic way using a variety of testing methods.

One of the things we tried for my stepdad was a home version of Gerson therapy. NOT easy. The stress of us trying to do this at home was obvious to him I'm sure. Now I see Gerson as just one arrow in the quiver of cancer cures. Everything from baking soda and magnesium supplementation to curcumin to vitamins and minerals and just plain old sunlight has its place. Find someone who can help figure out the best path. Best of luck.