Comment: We actually don't even need to "win" in order to win

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We actually don't even need to "win" in order to win

I need to remind myself of this sometimes.

Consider the 2007-08 race. We "lost" but -- to the consternation of the MSM and Our Masters in Washington and on Wall Street -- we didn't go away as we were supposed to.

The TP movement, even if it has been substantially twisted from its roots and those roots have been substantially lost in history, was initiated by the 2007 RP grassroots Boston Tea Party event. There have been scores of liberty candidates placed in various offices throughout the country and numerous inroads made to building an influential role in local Republican party affairs.

Rand Paul was a huge win which utterly discombobulated the DemoPublicans and their ongoing game of running TweedleDEM and TweedleRE candidates.

Four years later we are at least an order of magnitude (10X) more powerful and influential. Romney called Ron Paul a "nut" in the 2008 Florida primary race. The MSM repeated their "nut" charge over and over, according to their usual propaganda formula, but surprise: The formula didn't work! We are enormously stronger now and we are gaining by the day and with each ever-more-evident "trick" run by our Masters and their captive (and moribund) media mouthpiece. Every time I turn around (even without my R3VOLution tee shirt on) I bump into another brother or sister. I got praise from an airline stewardess wearing my tee shirt on my last trip and, speaking to a heavy metal rock musician whom I sort of presumed would be liberal, was surprised when he asked me, tentatively, "Have you ever heard of Ron Paul?".... The TSA agents treated me differently, and actually seemed to cut me some slack slack, when I walked through their checkpoint with my tee shirt on.

(BTW, have you noticed that you can CHOOSE to avoid their full body scanners and actually change lanes right in front of their faces to switch to a normal scanner lane ... and they PRETEND to not notice? What's up with that?? It is so obviously something they are allowing. I figure they are building compliance with the mass of sheeple and don't want a scene.)

Anyway, we are -- as the RP campaign reminds us -- in a marathon. The marathon takes us all the way to the convention, for sure, where we will surely have a national spotlight or the Republican party won't even have a real convention nor a prayer of a future. But aren't the DemoPublicans going to be discombobulated again when -- with them gasping for air and believing the marathon contest with Ron Paul is finally over and they can get back to corruption-as-usual -- the good Doctor and millions of brothers and sisters in liberty continue to run and actually pick up speed?

Ron Paul and his brothers and sisters in liberty are running a marathon on a course on a plane far above the plane of the political world. If there are angels, as I increasingly believe, I have no doubt they are cheering us on. We are engaged in an epic battle of darkest evil versus ultimate light. There can be no compromise with Sauron.

The light of the universe supports us. If we do not stop we cannot be stopped. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28