Comment: Ron Paul is the best possible choice

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Ron Paul is the best possible choice

Ron Paul takes the game into uncharted territory. No body in this generation has ever known a candidate that was honorable (Ronald Reagan came the closest and even he was more rhetoric that substance). While the powers and principalities may be driving toward self-destruction, the little guys have been looking for a true representative.

The powers and principalities continue to drive into the wrong direction but it doesn't have to be that way. It can turn around overnight if we can continue to do exactly what was done at the SC debate when the audience demanded that Ron Paul be allowed to speak. Continue to drive home the character issues and Ron Paul can win this election. Continue to drive home the responsibility of congress to authorize the president to execute a war --- let people know the wars are unauthorized. This is an automatic God issue. No war is a just war that is not authorized by God. God didn't authorize these wars. NO NEO-CON understands that because Libertarians don't understand that and will not say that. THESE WARS WERE NOT AUTHORIZED BY THE PROPER CHAIN OF COMMAND. THEY ARE NOT JUST WARS! NO CHRISTIAN WILL SUPPORT THESE WARS WHEN THEY UNDERSTAND THAT!

Christians have supported the "President's authority" because he is the President. Not because the wars themselves were part of their heart. They supported the wars out of a false belief that they were supposed to honor the one who "rules over them". They do not understand the President doesn't "rule over them" the Constitution does and the Presidents who went to war without proper authority were in rebellion. We will never know if a state of war existed because the Presidents never took the issues to Congress for authorization to execute a war. Use the word the Constitution uses. The Congress authorizes military action the President executes within the limits of the Congressional authorization. Believe me when I tell you NO NEO-CON KNOWS THIS!

This information will turn the tide of evangelical support. Ron Paul's character will do the rest.