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Comment: Why don't we just ask them?

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Why don't we just ask them?

1. Create an online poll asking some relevant questions
2. Find some mailing lists of people of retirement age
3. Invite them to participate in the poll
4. When the poll results become available, show them why RP's positions are in their best interests

It may be a good idea to have the poll open for a set period of time, so that later voters can't see the outcome of the early votes and be swayed by them. Ask everyone to include their email address, and announce the date the poll will close. Send out a mass email when the poll is ready showing the results. Put the results on the site also. Push RP's message with the results. Put lots of eagles and American flags and family scenes and RP's "I Went" photo all over the place. Then make it into a TV ad to catch those who aren't on the internet or didn't participate.