Comment: For me, I think it started when..

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For me, I think it started when..

For me, I think it started when I was a teenager, having to learn as I went without any of the influence of mainstream media or a tight family structure to shape my views. I have always been very analytical of everything and tend to think beyond what is required. Over-thinking, if you will. This lead me to question everything, and to not accept everything at face value.

I had an experience with law enforcement where they literally assaulted me without reason or provocation and searched me, all for nothing. No crime, no charges, just an assault on me and a violation of my rights. This obviously made me consider the entire role of arbitrary power and the injustice of our legal system.

9-11, followed by rampant lies from the media and government, combined with the atrocious Patriot Act, endless wars and fearmongering was enough to get me very bitter towards our government. I still thought there was a difference between the two parties though, and that Bush was just an awful mistake in our history.

I've always followed news of police injustices and government cover-ups of illegal activities, especially surrounding the drug war. Then I stumbled on to an article written by Vox Day while researching the TSA. The article was called 'Totalitarian State of America' (TSA) and when I was reading it I was struck immediately. I thought: "Holy shit! I have never heard so much truth in a single article. People actually think like I do!" Then at the bottom of the article in the bio it said that Vox Day was a Christian Libertarian. I had to learn more about libertarianism at that point.

That lead me to come to understand that I have always been a Christian Libertarian but just didn't know what to call my philosophy. From there I started watching Ron Paul videos on youtube, studying economics, foreign policy, libertarian philosophy, etc. I found and bookmarked real news sites like InfoWars, Lew Rockwell, Mises and many others and that brings me to where I am now. A huge Ron Paul supporter and activist for liberty!