Comment: Don't jump to collective opinion

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Don't jump to collective opinion

While some are of the character you suggest many are not. Some people blindly follow RP. I am Australian and support him in many ways and consider him to be the best option for president of USA but I strongly dissagree with some of his ideas.

Here is a challenge for any US supporters. Tell me after reading my basic information whether or not you think universal healthcare is the way to go. I admit I do not know that much about your system only that it is disfunctional both in the public and private sector. Some of the factors may be lack of medical sector staff, liability insurance, rorting of the system (legally through lobbying or illegally), poor government oversight and auditing, excessive insurance costs and excessive charging, lack of co-ordination between state and federal government. Here is the statistics Total health expenditure both public and private as % of GDP 2009 US 16.2% Australia 8.5%. Expenditure in the public health system as % GDP 2009 US 8% Australia 6%. The outcomes appear to be better in Australia in an holistic sense as we live a few years longer. So the question is which health sytem would you prefer and do you think the outright objection to public health is the best way to go or might a well run universal healthcare system be the way to go?