Comment: I never watched anything but the debates

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I never watched anything but the debates

and I always read each candidate's stand in the voter's manual. I paid no attention to any news shows because I could care less about their opinions. I was going to make up my own mind on each one's idea's and pick the one I believed in and not once, since 1980 have I settled for the lesser of two evils.

I voted for Carter in my first election because my folks did and the family always voted democrat. After watching the gas prices double and the speed limit drop 15mph right after I got my license I started waking up to what was happening politically. That's when I started really studying what the different candidates stands were from all of the parties on the ballot.

With that exception of Carter, I have never voted for a D or R for president. I'm 0 for 7 but I take a certain pride in knowing that my vote never contributed to the problem.