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I was going to write

I was going to write something similar to "mr kelly liddle". To me it also seems that a lot of dogs are just running after a new rabbit, but in the other direction. Shouting "End the Fed" in an agressive tone as if you were at a sports event. Listening to a lot of Ron Paul and reading some of the liberterian arguments from "earlier sources" I think a lot about what the difference is in practice between leftist and rightist anarchist if we remove the state powers.

Have you listened to David Graeber or read his "Debt, The First 5000 years"?

I am in constant "what if I am wrong" mode.

It is easy to say "I don't like cronyism", but does that mean that all taxes, all state involvement is bad?

Have you also read for example Noam Chomsky (there are also tons of youtube listening). What if some of that stuff is the third rabbit? I know some of you have and dismiss without thinking. Name calling etc! Time to study the rabbits rather than running after them.

I am from Sweden and clearly think that we have a better public health care system than the US (where I have also lived). But it is complex. Neither system can be exchanged for the other. Without any doubt there are problems in "our" system. There are liberterians in Sweden too; who argue that we as a small country get a free ride from innovation in free market medicical industry in USA. Probably true in some aspects, although we also have tax funded research as well as pharma companies. We also suffer the health hazards of modern food industry, fast food, which is also a free ride from US.

I think most Ron Paul arguments are worth thinking through. Even many of those that some dismiss as madness (the criteria for madness is different from which side you are coming of course). But I am not going to call people ugly names for having those opinions.

I think he is wrong on abortion (but his arguments are well formulated and worth studying). If realty of pro-life politics leads to death, injury and fear for mother and fetus/child it is not moral (even if the intent is)

Neither is gun rights a simple issue:

I am sure that there are lot of people reading this who agree. Reasoning, researching the facts, rely on science and statistics and then discussing based on different morality and ideology can advance human-kind!