Comment: Politics was one major way of discovery for me!

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Politics was one major way of discovery for me!

The MSM is supposed to be presented with honesty and integrity. When I watch the news regarding my local area, I still expect the new report to be factual.
However, Politics is a dirty game because so much of it centers around MONEY! If I were just a casual viewer of the current republican debates, it would be easy to "be willing" to believe what Romney or Gingrich say, due to the way they present it. In most cases in everyday life, we as human beings WANT to give people the benefit of the doubt. In many cases, we don't really know any different unless something sets off our suspicion to tell us otherwise.
When people like us became extremely passionate about Ron Paul, we try to learn as much about him and his policies as we can. The we set out to learn more about his oppononents. Know thy enemy. Once we use the internet to gather our facts and establish our beliefs, we then compare that information against what we are seeing and hearing in the MSM, whether it be written news, radio news, or video news. Because of our deep passion for Ron Paul, we have sought out an enormous amount of knowledge, which NOW enables us to recognize the faults and the blatant lies of the MSM. That's MY view. Attach to that, the fact that when you want to know the answer, follow the money (trail).

Robby Lane