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I agree with your post -

as an older voter. I think many young people forget the older people have contributed to the on going building of this country through their taxes at the local level up to the federal level. And then the military duty to this country as many families may have someone who has given their life or have been injured defending it and that should be respected. This family in one generation alone has two grandfathers who served in W.W.1 and both hit by mustard gas and suffered the consequences throughout their lives. And that is a couple of reasons I support Rep. Paul as I believe he realizes these things and is the best hope of restoring the Republic and not just turning these assests (blood, sweat, and tears) over to an international cause to be the policemen of the world. So young people don't get frustrated with the older people help them realize these things. Do your research on social engineering and the media and maybe you can come from a place of understanding.