Comment: Members and Individuals

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Members and Individuals

As I see it, there are but 2 kinds of people - Members and Individuals:

Members lack self-confidence. They never really grew up. They want a parent (the State) to watch over them. Hence, they identify totally with their tribe (i.e. without the tribe, they would have no identity). So any/all moral judgments are rendered subservient to the defense of the tribe. That's why they can support blatant amoral psychopaths such as Obama and Gingrich.

Individuals are whole/mature adults. They have grown up. They just want to be left alone.

Individuals can come to some understanding of the Member mindset. But Members can't relate at all to the Individual mindset. It's just not in their makeup.

"All political systems are dependent upon the generation of mass-minded
thinking, to persuade each of us to lose our sense of individuality and
responsibility in the collective herd.
We condition our minds to accept identities for ourselves,
to think of ourselves not as self-directed, self-responsible beings,
but as members of various groups, whose interests are not only mutually
exclusive, but antagonistic.
Whether we identify ourselves by race, religion, nationality, lifestyle,
ideology, economic interests, gender, geography, or any other category,
we put ourselves into a state of conflict with others.
Political systems then promise to protect us from 'them",
and most of us are too dull to recognize that our alleged 'protectors"
are the very ones who induced us to play the games that now threaten us!
BUTLER SHAFFER (The Individual and the Collective, August 2002)