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What will make sense? All I said was there are a lot of group thinkers who are Ron Paul supporters and would add to that some are brainwashed (not by RP) such as the conspiracy theorists (911, Illuminati etc.). Every thinking RP supporter will dissagree with some of his opinions or ideas and there is nothing wrong with this. Some supporters though try to convince people to agree with everything that RP believes and suggests. Trying to convince people of this is not helpful. The only thing that you have to convince most people is that balancing the federal government budget will help improve the economy and there is only one man to do this. The reason I choose that subject is because the largest concern for Americans is the economy. Many supporters don't realise that and think that Americans are concerned about other issues such as the police state which is a low concern as evidenced by election results so far. Some may be concerned with that issue and they probably already know to vote for Ron Paul.