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Very Insightful post!

@spacehabitats: You're so right in your post above. I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India where a lot of the IT jobs go to from the United States in the form of "call centers." In the early to mid 90's I protested that sending these jobs abroad to India, China and the Phillipines was just creating LOTS of problems for the United States in the long run, however, I was blatantly labeled a racist. I saw then that sending jobs abroad would be extremely detrimental for the United States. But we did it anyway.

I've lived in the United States since 1991 when I came here as an international student to study. I'm now a citizen, but have loved this country since I was a child. India never felt like home. So I completely agree with you and would just HOPE that more people see and understand what you see.

Here we are at the cusp of a wonderful revolution of ideas and have a country and the Constitution at stake. Let's hope and work in earnest to save both.