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Comment: Rand Paul just isn't his dad

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Rand Paul just isn't his dad

This has been obvious from the start, but this embarrassing elitism is simply one more example. Ron Paul wouldn't make a scene like this. Everybody hates the TSA. I'm gold preferred, and I manage not to bump heads with the thugs.

One time, I waited at the gate until the last 10 minutes, to ask for an upgrade to first class on my open ticket. I got the upgrade because... one of Sen. Ted Kennedy's staff got delayed at security and the senator had the dignity to wait patiently and was willing to miss a flight for someone else's misfortune. I sat in Ted's seat.

On a more recent flight I sat beside Sen. Scott Brown, a really nice guy. He manages to make it through the TSA security theater gantlet without making a fool of himself.

Yes, the TSA is absurd and useless security theater. Yes, airport security should be privatized and I'm sure it will during Pres. Ron Paul's administration. Yes the entire Department of Homeland Security should be dissolved. But for now we don't pull out the elitist card and try to play it when it's NOT ELIGIBLE. Go back to start, do not collect $200, Randy.

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