Comment: I hope you all can see that

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I hope you all can see that

I hope you all can see that Rand extends the reach of the philosophy of Ron Paul. He is able to bridge the gap between libertarian ideas and those of the robotic herds dedicated to the mainstream status quo. I see his "moderate" tone as a strategic tactic, a systematic step in opening the closed minds, a lower dose of the same medicine that Ron gives. These guys are genii. People that feel Ron's views are too extreme (mainly because they are still unaware) are able to resonate with Rand. They don't feel threatened by his words and in fact, they sympathize with what he is saying. This is good. It's a hook. Once they start paying attention to Rand Paul, the inevitable progression is toward supporting the positions of Ron Paul. Step back and think about it. Don't rush to judgement so quickly. There are many fronts to this fight, many levels of operation.