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You don't get it

The TSA should not even be. Let the airlines and the airports provide their own security - adding that cost to the ticket, not to the taxpayers. I, for one, refuse to fly as long as there are goons determining if I can board a plane untouched and what I can or cannot carry on.

Rand Paul did what we have all wanted to, only he has the necessary clout now. By him NOT blindly obeying the TSA and having some man grope him, he fought the fight for us. Rand's actions will blow the entire TSA wide open - since they detained a sitting Congress member on his way to the Capitol. Now, the scanning machines will have to be verified as to their "glitch". The TSA can no longer refuse someone to be re-scanned instead of getting the pat down. They picked the WRONG man to hit on.

The comments I have read all over the net have been about 99% applauding Rand's civil disobedience. Very few diehard still-making-excuses Obamabots disagreed. I would not doubt that today, Ron Paul picked up many more votes. FOX News gave minimal lip-service to this today. I would have never imagined that someone on DailyPaul would condemn Rand's actions and thought he should have followed the shepherd like a good little sheeple.