Comment: That is excellent. I'll pass

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That is excellent. I'll pass

That is excellent. I'll pass it along. There was an 'ah ha' moment in there. A BIG One.

It has to do with debate and speeches. On foreign policy in particular, he has to paint visuals with words. That is what is missing. Same thing on other topics.
This is something he should embrace. It it both an honest technique, allows for him to bring a common vision to the words, and makes an audience take the trip with him.
Such as: "I have a vision for our military ( gaze out above the audience slightly, and extend an arm outward & then widest at the last phrase - natural body language for the words), our defense, and it's beneficial effect on our society, and the world." Then, take the audience there. Take them to the newly reburbished bases, populated again, revitalizing towns that serve them, increasing our military presence and strength on our own soil, creating an insumountable force for our national defense.
American citizens will no longer be endangered by forces spread to thin.
Or something like that. Maybe that isn't verbally visual enough, but you get the picture. He has it in him, and it isn't much of a stretch. Just a little touch of acting, honestly. It is a powerful tool.

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