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just posted this to my FB

Intelligent people can do their own research instead of spewing off crap they hear on the radio, TV and from opposition which is almost always BS. I'm not a Republican or a Libertarian but I have supported Ron Paul for over 5 years because of what his message is. Personal Freedom. Equality. Liberty. Sound Money. Small Government. No Taxes... I like to let the man talk for himself, he explains his stance which is solely based on the Constitution very well if you give it a chance. It's not about taking sides, we all want the same basic things in life. Gingrich and Santorum are not even on the ballot in many states (so they are unelectable). Romney is a 1% er and a flip flopping war monger. Dr. Paul is the only one who can beat Obama. He is the only one with a financial plan and the only one who will bring our troops (who support him more than any other candidate) home!