Comment: Well, he kind of is

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Well, he kind of is

Well, he kind of is alibertarian. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

The thing with conservatives, is that they have a strong tradition of being pro-states's rights. But, TYPICALLY, they've supported state action for certain things. Federally, they're not as averse to war as the Pauls.

At the state level, they generally support ideas like prayer in schools, banning gay marriage, banning abortion, etc. etc. Historically, they supported segregation, etc.

They've always maintained that the Federal government CAN'T do many things, but that the States can and SHOULD do many things.

Rand and Ron agree with the first idea about limiting Federal power (and even then they probably are a bit more extreme), and while they acknowledge the RIGHT of the states to do what they want, they think that the states SHOULD NOT do those things.

In addition, the whole property-rights/your-own-body angle is strictly libertarian in nature. Conservatism has always been about promoting the family unit, small america, cultural values, etc.

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