Comment: PeaBrains for Leaders!

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PeaBrains for Leaders!

I watched the C-Span hearings where Hillary and some side kick of her's were pushing for the Central Bank of Iran lockout. In other words...starve them into submission. The blowback was that it could cost higher oil prices here in the U.S. was mentioned and just dismissed as a price that we may just have to pay to force Iran to give up nuclear ambitions. I went crazy sitting and hearing this insanity. We're trying to recover from a terrible recession and their idea is to drag us into a depression???? WOW !!!
And now India, China and Japan have decided to go around our idiot leaders by trading commodities and gold for Iranian oil. Oh...Great !!!
This is Double Blowback and leads the way for destroying the dollar as a global currency. We don't have long folks...sorry to say it may all fold before the next elections can do us any good. Hope I'm wrong.