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Not buying it

"My generation has been lied to since we first toddled off to Kindergarten. We have had propaganda pounded into our skulls for decades, and it hasn't gotten any better as we have gotten older. Every time we caught a glimpse through the matrix; IF we were ever brave enough or stupid enough to mention it, we got a cold slap in the face."

If you were a baby boomer growing up in the South, you faced propaganda of a different kinds. Blacks were evil, the Civil War was great, Christians >>>> everyone else, etc.

"Assuming that we kept our mouths shut, bought into the system, didn't mention the emperor’s nakedness; we were rewarded by good paying jobs. We could be managers, supervisors, and executives over the late boomers, and everyone could benefit from the incredible wealth brought on by cheap energy and exploding technology."

Well, this is what you guys did. You took a tax cut + increased welfare from Reagan and Bush and looked the other way while they did so many atrocities.

"We were told that we were extraordinarily blessed (true) and that our prosperity had come at the expense of the majority of humanity who lived in poverty (false)."

A case can be made that the prosperity of American has come at the expense of Native Americans, Chinese workers, etc. There is a reason goods are so cheap to make over there, etc.

"Capitalism, we were told, was synonymous with greed."

Right. If you grew up in the 50s and 60s, there was NO WAY you were taught this. Capitalism was godly, communism was even. Going to school in the 80s and 90s, this was still a message strongly pounded in.

"We owed reparations to the great grandchildren of slaves. It was OUR fault that they lived in ghettos. We OWED them the Civil Rights Act and the “War on Poverty” and “affirmative action”."

Hold on. Do you really think that Whites did not "owe" Blacks the Civil Rights Act? REALLY? So you believe that Blacks shouldn't have had the right to vote, desegregation, etc. The Blacks don't have the right to equal protection under the law?

"We OWED our elders Social Security and then Medicare."

Really? Social Security and Medicare are payed by the people who recieve then. Grow up, learn the facts.

"We OWED the Israelites a country of their own. We OWED the starving third world nations aid by the billions."

Let us be fair; the US has given very, very little aid to "starving third-world countires". Most of their aid has gone to people that they "like" politically; dictators, Israel, Europe, etc. I don't think Africa has recieved too much government aid.

"We were told that the U.S. Constitution was only there to protect criminals or homosexuals or communists or atheists or women who wanted abortions."

See, here is the problem I have. Your generation has hated homosexuals, hated drug-users, hated non-Christians, etc. Not because they were BRAINWASHED BY THE GOVERNMENT. But because they sincerely do. The fact that you don't even mention the idoicy of modern social conservatism is telling.

And you know what? The US constitution DOES exist ot protect criminals, homosexuals, communists, atheists from persecution. It protects them from getting abused by a majority who does no like them.

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