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Poor Bob:

His only real PRO about Ron Paul is food. Bob is a food snob. LOL Bless you Bob.

The Cons
1. His underlying philosophy of life

Let's face it, if you don't agree with someone's underlying philosphy of LIFE, you're not a fan, and you're not going to be. So let's look at what ails this poor liberal, Bob who says behind his bullets:

• A rabid follower of Ayn Rand, whose primary thesis was that selfishness is a virtue. Rand’s philosophy permeates his political positions. I believe the contrary – that we are here to learn selflessness and serve others (which, ironically, is what Paul’s deity, Jesus, taught).

Here is perfect proof that Bob doesn't understand Ayn Rand or Ron Paul, and probabaly NEVER read Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead. ALL humans are selfish. Jesus put it this way, ALL MEN ARE SINNERS. One can not help but think of themselves. Sometimes people like to think that they are doing for others. This is not correct, for people only do by CHOICE what FEELS GOOD. Ayn Rand points out in, "Letters of Ayn Rand", Peikoff, that if a man loved his dying wife and sacrificed all his money to have her live, he did not sacrifice his money FOR her. He sacrificed it FOR HIS FEELINGS for her. Note, that Bob points out the Jesus is Paul's diety, not Bob's. Ayn Rand's diety was Ayn Rand. Who is Bob's diety? In his first "con", he misrepresents Ron Paul and Ayn Rand. Liberals like to believe they are helping people, and the planet, by being nice to their face, while employing government FORCE to stop people from living thier lives. Liberals want to FORCE people to pay taxes, stoop to regulations and bad laws that they believe are spent on the poor, that they created with their unselfish FORCE of regulations, Government Departments and Taxes.

• Doesn’t accept the theory of evolution and apparently believes God created the world in 7 days. What decisions would someone with such a world view make? Is what he says about such other things as far from the truth as this?

Someone with such a world view of Ron Paul would make decisions that reflect the preservation of ALL life on the planet, including the unborn and deathbeds. That ALL PEOPLE have rights, God given, and man given rights/priledges, and that the people who respect BOTH are the people he would esteeme and listen to. Bob, on the other hand, thinks there is no God, and he hasn't witnessed a miracle in his life. Bob does not understand that THEORY is NOT FACT.

2. The environment
• “The greatest hoax .. has been warming”, says Paul. He believes internet self proclaimed “experts” rather than 97% (in an independent poll) of professional climatologists. Loss of life from runaway temperature rise would far eclipse that of any war. This, IMO, is the bottom line issue of our age, and it alone prevents me from backing Paul.

How hard is it for the global greedy elite to witness the world's population as a cancer that is destroying THEIR property? So they invent and report studies from "climatologists" who NEVER report Chemtrials, or weather enhansing, or wars as huge polluters. Bob thinks wars don't pollute. Like Al Gore, they blame people. I'd like to ask Bob, "Which uses more energy Bob, you or the USN?" People are not a cancer on the Earth. Global corporations who aspire to control the planet and the people are. Bob believes in the UN Agenda 21. Ron paul does not.

• He would abolish the EPA. The EPA has problems due to corporate/political influence, but without it, corporations would be completely free to pollute without constraint. Does this make sense?

No, Bob, you do not make sense. The EPA FORCES Americans to pay them to work (If you are a caterer/chef, you MUST have a HACCP certificate to be able to BUY a lisense to pperate from the EPA and then be subject to EPA inspections). It costs hundreds of dollard just so you can have a business that the government controls. For example, EPA closed all but ONE deep pit BBQ in CA. Deep Pit WAS CAs signature dish for centuries. What good did closing all the businesses do? It gave fast food businesses (Monsanto) an opportunity to take over Mom and Pop shops. And then, the fast food shops had food born illness outbreaks that harmed thousands of people, some killing hundreds... but because it's the government, the class action law suits didn't bring back one life, and the fast food chains not only remained OPEN, but thrived. The EPA is just another form of FORCE. It protects NO ONE. It never did.

3. Peace?
• “We had no business helping the Jews in WW II”, Paul told staffers, many times. Was it peace the Jews were experiencing? How can any supposed advocate of peace and saving human life take this position?

Wow, where did you get that information about what Ron Paul told staffers and not the public? Someone can take his position Bob, because "Jews" were only some of the victims. The physical and mentally disabled, the Muslims, the Catholics, the anti-war, the farmers, the artists, the writers of truth, were also VICTIMS. Why would you leave them out? Ron Paul advocates saving ALL human life, and while Jews are definately a human life worthy of saving, so are we all, furthermore, we do not save life by bombing the crap out of it in the name of peace.

• He opposed stopping Gadhafi from slaughtering 100,000 people. We shouldn’t have to pay even minimum cost (some air support and no American lives) for someone else fighting for life and liberty? Is this not unbridled selfishness bearing the label of “peace”?

America made Gadhafi, empowered him, protected him, and then made claims they could not prove, to assassinate him. Minimum cost is "air support", climate change be damned Bob? Whose life and liberty are you saving? Gadhafi was not Hitler, and assassinating him does not Make Obama Jesus, but Bush. The selfishness is here Bob, with YOU trying to be a hero for other people but not America's, rather the global corporate elite.

• His peace position is actually an isolationist position, based primarily on US interests (in the “me first”
tradition of Ayn Rand). He does not truly care for peace for mankind, but rather for what is good for him and his country, and this is sold by his campaign as “peace”. He is no adherent of the “world is my family” philosophy.

Bob, before you fix everyone else, you should make sure your own home is OK. That is what Ron Paul is trying to do by restoring America to it's Constitution and Bill of Rights, establishing FREE trade, and not being the global police and assassinator. One wages PEACE by having PEACE. The world is not our family Bob, afterall, you just said you wanted to assassinate Gadhafi in the name of Global Peace. You can't have your cake and eat it too. To Christians, like Ron Paul, EVIL is real, and EVIL is all the lying, cheating, confusion, baby killing, selfishly giving a bum a dollar and pretending it wasn't for your own feel good moment. The UN Agenda 21 claims that the world can only sustain a human population of 500 million Bob. There's your family, and guess what... my bet is, like me, you're not one of the 500M.

4. Ravaging the lower and middle classes
• Abolish capital gains tax. Why should money people don’t work for (capital gains) be taxed at a lower
(zero in this case) rate than money people work for? The wealthy have a large part of their income from
capital gains, but the lower and middle classes have virtually none. This is a shift of the tax burden from
the wealthy to the non-wealthy.

Capital is what makes the world go round Bob. Why should someone who has a good business be punished by the government for those who don't have any business and can't afford to try because government regulations, departments, fees, fines, and taxes prevent them? We are all taxed through sales and property, unless you are poor, and then you pay some sales tax. But by taxing those who have a good business, your plan is to have the government take that business as if government can do a better job. It can't. Take Disneyland, it's been operating in the black, making millions of people happy, while our national and state parks, with hundreds of millions of tax money, can't sustain or stay open even though WE THE PEOPLE have paid and paid and paid.. pay to go in, $6.00, pay to camp $32.00 (more than some hotels), Pay for a license plate $50.00, pay a additional tax per year for property owners, and still, the parks are neglected when they are not abused for marijuana growing, meth making, hiding illegal activities and giving breaks to other departments, Native Americans be damned. Taxes are not making them better or keeping them open. But Disneyland, we need to tax, to do what? Put them on par with national and state parks?

• Institute a consumption (sales) tax. The lower and middle classes spend virtually 100% of their income just to live. The wealthiest spend less than 10%. A sales tax means the wealthy would pay a far lower percentage of their income in taxes than everyone else.

I did not know about a consumption tax. The lower and middle classes to not create jobs, Bob. The wealthy do, and if government would stop being a vulture, they could do more. This is such a LIBERAL idea... it's hard for me to think Ron Paul is for this..

• Abolish government student loans. I and millions of others never would have gone to college without government loans. Aside from the personal devastation, loss of earning power, and reduced ability to realize the American dream for so many, the country as a whole would have lower average education level, and thus be less competitive in the global marketplace. Government aid to education is an investment in the country and its people, not an expense.

Unlike you Bob, I worked three jobs to pay my way through school. I did not go into debt. I know many people who did, and that debt kept them poor, unable to afford health insurance, or being married, or buying a home. Did you know it used to be FREE to go to school? State schools were FREE. Why aren't you proposing that for students? Government needs to get OUT of education because it makes the costs go up. Students loans do one thing, keep a graduate poor. It's NOT an investment, it's a ponzi scheme.

• Cut corporate taxes. Corporate taxes are paid on profit. They do not adversely affect a company’s operation, which involves before profit expense. Profits are paid as dividends to shareholders, in large part, to the wealthy. Cutting corporate profits would increase income to the wealthy, reduce federal revenues, and effectively shift the tax burden to middle and low income folks.

Bob, I'm not a business major, but I do understand that business/ corproations, pay State, Federal, County, city, Property taxes and more. If you are a caterer, not only did you have to buy a HACCP certificate, but you had to pay the EPA for a license, and then, you pay taxes for your tools, energy, containers, vehicles, advertizing and even some foods. I took a Small Business class recently and learned that profit was not a goal, cash flow was, so I could pay short term and long term LOANS I was expected to make. The class convinced me it is better to be an employee than a businessman, because Bob, the bankers rule, and they rule with THEIR regulations. These regulations do not make a caterers' food better or safer, but they make it impossible for the caterer to actually make a living. To make it Bob, a caterer needs to sell their best recipe to a major corporation who has paid lobbiests that help make regulations to break the small guys and protect them. How fair is that? Monsanto lobbiests know.

• Paul believes fervently in Jesus, who tirelessly advocated helping the poor. Where is Paul’s concern for
the working poor? He has plenty of programs helping the wealthy, but none for the poor. He opposes a minimum wage. I’d like one people who want to work can live on without food stamps.

Jesus established a Church, and though there are now over 300 denominations of Christian Churches, the Churches continue to work hard helping the poor, the abused, neglected masses the State won't help. As for the working poor, Ron Paul understands that because government has gotten into the business of being an employer, unless one has a government job, or a government subsidized job, one is going to be, "the working poor", because most businesses, at this point, can not compete with government operated and subsidized businesses. A good example is healthcare. Since Medicare and Medicade, which the government has decreased benefits for the poor, the poor have poor healthcare at a greater cost to the tax payer, and person. Where cosmetic surgery on the other hand, is booming in business, prices and coming down and proceedures are getting better, faster, cheaper, and the government is not competing, If it were, this trend would reverse.

5. Deregulation
• Remove regulations (however weak) recently put in place on Wall Street. Deregulation gave us the savings and loan debacle of the 1980s and the present recession. How can anyone favor this?

Wall Street is controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank and their Globalist Central Banks whose goal is to enslave everyone with debt. Sure Wall Street shouldn't have taken the bailouts, but a corporation doesn't go through all the red tape to close down. They want to compete. This is why Ron Paul wants to audit the Fed, which you agreed, eh, Bob? What was your reason? Why is it long overdue? My guess is you want a global central bank. I don't. Wall Street would thrive if government's regulations were to honestly correct fraud.

• Remove regulations on corporations. He sees no need for regulations for such things as clean air/water and safety testing Monsanto’s GM food. Do we really want to remove what little regulation exists protecting the environment and consumers?

How have the regulations we have stopped Monsanto, or CalAgra who feed the Armies and prisons we operate globally? The Free Market, where consumers can make businesses on FOIAs, and expose the truth so consumers can make desicions is what Ron Paul is advocating for. Regulations keep Monsanto in business and keep the small farmers OUT.

• Tax credits for insurance premiums (after repealing Obamacare). This is no help to the 45 million low income, low tax paying folks without health care, which I thought was the problem. The government would essentially pay for health care for high income folks who already have it, but not for low income folks who don’t. Is this a solution or a further shifting of resources from the non-wealthy to the wealthy?

It's easy Bob, It's an incentive for people to BUY Insurance, rather than wait for government to give it to them, because it helps make it affordable and gives people OPTIONS, CHOICES. Choices are important in healthcare. If you were ever in the military, which is socialized medicine, your choice comes to going to a VA hospital or not. Some VAs are excellent, many are OK, least we forget the Walter Reed fiasco. By buying health insurance, you support people, and by being given a tax break, you are able to afford better insurance, or if you are young and don't really need it, you can afford other things. Also Bob, there are millions of Americans on medicare and medicade and not getting the care they desperately need. "Death panels" are NOT a joke.

• No plans to control costs, such as imposing price constraints on an out-of-control profit driven medical
industry that can with impunity charge anything they want. With your life on the line, you have to pay whatever is asked.

Right, by government controlling costs, prices never come down. I know people who receive medicare and medicade and they cross the border to Mexico to see a doctor. It's affordable. Competition brings the price DOWN Bob.

7. Paul would be 77 on taking office.
• I’m a senior citizen myself, but ….

But what Bob? Age discrimination works for you? You really think a 1 term Senator has more government experience and policy know how than someone who has won many elections, sat on and chaired many committees, already raised his family, and has an M.D., served in the military as a flight surgeon saving the lives of troops and has experience in war, didn't just study the Constitution, but is an EXPERT and could teach at any respectable University? Obama-Bush are ruining this great nation... so much for youth.

8. The economy
• Return to the gold standard. Economists note that monetary policy would be set by gold miners in South Africa and Uzbekistan. As one said, "If you like what OPEC means for oil prices, you'd love what the gold standard would do to financial markets."

It would actually regulate them honestly Bob.

9. Most ultra-right member of congress over 65 years
Based on statistics in Am Jour Polit Sci, Paul had the most conservative voting record of over 3,000 house and senate members from 1937 to 2002. Does the country really need more extremism?

Bob, the country was based on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Lets restore what this nation was based on, and stop playing Global Occupiers and king makers with a UN Agenda, Sustainable Development designed to eliminate life on Earth in the name of "Earth Family". The truth is, Obama is refining Bush policy. Why is Obama your president but Bush wasn't? You are not looking out for the poor. YES Bob, YOU are poor. You got suckered into a student loan, and bad jobs, and in the name of "love" adopted a liberal mantra that is not working. The wars are still raging, we have more prisons, more torture, more censorship, less healthcare, less prosperity, our youth are being killed and maimed for OIL, so the USA can occupy the world for what Bob? You Ron paul for believeing in Jesus. You slam Ayn Rand, who at least told the truth. You lie to yourself so you can think you really got something for that student loan besides debt. Wake up Bob. I give you credit for looking at Ron Paul's platform, but it takes more than looking to attack. It takes some study time. You have to apply what Ron Paul is saying to real life.

1. Ron Paul's philosophy: is FREDOM IS POPULAR.
2. environment: UN Agenda 21 is a global elite card to depopulate the planet in the name of saving the Earth.
3. Peace?: YES!
4. Ravishing the lower and middle classes: It's what the government does Bob, and why you're there, damn that student loan!
5. Deregulation: Free Market really works
6. Health Care Crisis: was established by, for and of government meddeling. GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY Drs. Office!
7. Paul would be 77 when taking office: Yep! Gives all us Boomers hope for a future (there's LIFE after govt. age discrimination).
8. The Economy: Ron Paul is an EXPERT, LEARN FROM HIM!
9. Most ultra-right member of congress over 65 years: Ultra right... Sigh.. It makes me love him even more Bob. All those years he's been there for me, and you, though you don't appreciate it. I'm so proud of him, I joined the GOP because I want this ultra right conservative for 65 years (He was 12 years old when he began voting in congress? LOL Bob, come on) to be the first president in my life that I truly am grateful to God to have.

God Bless you Bob, good luck with that loan and bad jobs and all... I wish I could tell you your guy Obama-Bush would fix it, but that would be a lie. VOTE RON PAUL 2012