Comment: I Brainwash Periodically

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I Brainwash Periodically

Brainwashing keeps me thinking clearly, I wash my brain of all the garbage that I hear, see, and am exposed to every day, haha.
I think it's the attempt to coerce or "reprogram" individuals from places like television, authorities, etc. that the original poster may be referring to. Of which I've always been strongly opposed.

I may have just been born a free-thinker, a freedom fighter in a past life, or just picked up on philosophy randomly from my environment -- I don't really know the specifics, but I do know I've always felt free to do, think, and say as I please; I'll listen to those more experienced on a topic than I am (with skepticism) and I politely respect any differing opinion, but I am extremely annoyed by inconsistency in reason/logic.
My choices in life have always been "strange" or even "stupid" to others, whether it's vegetarianism, pacifism, distrust in authority/government, disliking money, refusal to get a drivers license, or drive a pollution mobile (I mean "car"), or anything that just does not make sense to me.

Despite any ridicule or hardships I may have met, I've always stood my ground in regards to my beliefs and spent my life studying, researching, learning, exploring, and sharing my findings with those who are interested in listening.

There was nothing that "woke me up" that I can think of as I feel like I've been trying to wake people up to atrocities forever now; nothing changed my political affiliations (of which I have none really), nothing that I can really think of that set me apart other than just being able to recognize inconsistencies, deceit, attempts at being controlled, and a sort of empathy for others (seeing the suffering in others causes me to think why it happens and what to do about it).

As the years go by I become less and less "crazy" to my friends and more of a visionary, which probably happens with Ron Paul, I am sure. As long as he keeps fighting the good fight I will give him my support; as his record has shown, I can expect to be a life-long supporter.