Comment: On Non-Ron Paul Sites?

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On Non-Ron Paul Sites?

...any chance we could come up with a consensus approach on sites that are outraged by TSA to join our effort to get rid of TSA by showing 1000 and 1000s of supporters from everywhere.

If explained that this does not mean you are endorsing RP...just that you want to join in this effort to send a loud message to the government that we won't stand for this anymore. If the ticker counts the individ. donors (with their small donations...$1, $5, $10 it would sound an alarm and that's what RP is all about. Giving the people a voice.

Guess it would be even better if it went into Get Rid of TSA ads supported by an RP pac...but for the people/against TSA.

Any possibilities? Just google...folks of ALL stripes are against it and only need a voice stronger than a petition.