Comment: Please! Everyone here knows how big of a deal this is...

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Please! Everyone here knows how big of a deal this is...

Adding on to my post below, this is extremely important. Watch the video below, and look at what China has being doing since 2008. Please keep this thread bumped. This is major stuff here. Go buy gold and silver NOW! I'm guessing war with Iran, stock market crash, hedge fund gold and silver sell off to recoup stock market losses, gold and silver drop due to increased market supply and then SOAR to record highs because of hyper inflation as all the money over seas floods in chasing anything that is worth anything.

When the US Dollar will collapse

China and Russia Quit Dollar

China and Japan Currency Agreement

China, Pakistan sign currency swap agreement

China, Argentina reach agreement on currency swap

China, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN Agree on Wider Currency Swap Arrangements

China and Indonesia sign currency swap agreement

China and New Zealand reach currency swap agreement worth 25 billion yuan

China, Malaysia agree currency swap

China signs currency swap deal with Uzbekistan

China, Thailand sign currency swap agreement

China and Turkey to Shun the Dollar

China, Singapore Sign Bilateral Currency Swap Agreement

China, Kazakhstan sign currency swap deal

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