Comment: Christians are NOT Jews, but they ARE God's Chosen People

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Christians are NOT Jews, but they ARE God's Chosen People

You are misconstruing the terms "Jew" and "Israelite."

The Jews (at least some) ARE the actual descendents of Abraham, but they were instructed to follow God's Laws, including teaching the Gentiles about God.

God WARNED them that they would be punished if they disobeyed Him or forsook Him, and many did. So, he punished them by taking away their promised land, and instead sent his Son Jesus Christ as their Savior. Those Jews who accepted Christ as the Messiah were saved and became Christians, while those who refused to believe that Jesus was indeed the Messiah were punished by God and cast out once and for all in 70AD when he destroyed their Temple. Those Jews who still refused to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior were / are still Jews, and they CAN STILL BE SAVED by accepting Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

"Israel," the "Promised Land" actually became The Church, the Universal Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth, through which Salvation may be obtained by ANYONE, Gentile or Jew, who has Faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

To say believers in Jesus Christ are "Israelites" makes sense, since "Israel" was the promise of God to his Chosen People, and His Chosen People are ALL Humankind who have accepted His Son Jesus Christ as their Savior.

But NOT all Christians (believers in Jesus Christ) are Jews, because God FIRST chose Abraham and his people to spread the message of God, and ONLY they (Monotheists) were Jews, while everyone else (Pagans) were Gentiles who did not yet know the Word of God. Just because some Jews disobeyed God's Commandments DOES NOT mean they were completely cut-off from Abraham's seed like you claim. No, God sent His Son Jesus Christ to save them, and when they do accept Jesus they become Christians and re-join God's Realm on earth within The Church, also known as "Israel" or the promise fulfilled.

So, you are wrong; a Jew who accepts Christ is a Christian Jew, just like a Pagan Roman who accepted Christ was a Christian Gentile. If you are going to accept the Bible literally, then you cannot say that "Abraham's seed was cut off" and imply that Abraham's actual seed magically turned documented Gentiles (Pagans) into "Jews." That makes NO SENSE!

Christians = Israelites (receivers of God's Promise) - OK!

Christians = Jews - NOT!

A Jew in the way Jews mean IS a nationality / race, just like a German or Irish person means it. As for the descendents of the Khazars, that's another debate entirely. But there are actual descendents of Abraham who do not accept Jesus who actually are still Jews, but they are no more special or "Chosen" than any other human; they are NOT, however, "Israelites" since they forsook God and he tossed them out of His Kingdom just like he said he would.

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