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Has everyone forgotten that the Chinese govt buys our debt and insures the value of their currency? When we go down so do they. Doesn't matter if you have savings if they are based off of debt.

Why are you guys even considering the examiner a valid source of info? There is 0 editing, fact checking or background checking of sources or bloggers.

That being said I've known a lot of Chinese women and even more Singaporean women. I'd be happy to see more here.

The real issue though that I have is what kind of title are the Chinese getting? If they are getting lodial titles I don't like that because I can't get lodial titles, special rules are being made for them in that case. BTW they are getting ripped off, ag land is at an all time high price in the US and buying over 10 square miles of it is a dumb move until the market correction occurs. Also no one has even mentioned if this property has an easement on it. The whole thing might just be a tax dodge.

Bear in mind too If you come here the govt will only be bringing you here to strip you of your wealth. I've seen many a foreign CEOs fail to penetrate the market even with direct govt assistance.