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will be coming

Adam thanks for the video and the hard work and long hours you have put in for our the troops candidate. See my post "after sc i took a walk in the cold iowa night" on the daily paul posted right after the sc election. Sorry can't contribute any more right now. Have been donating to rp2012 and going door to door here in iowa. my plan is to rent a van and take at least 4-6 other vets from iowa or minn or anywhere along the route. Since I will be paying for the van rental 400+ dollars consider it my contribution. I have email cpl jesse thorsen in des moines who is requesting a ride but no response back yet. I will be contacting local vets in my area til the bus is full so to speak. my game plan is renting the van for a week and driving over 2 day period with a stop along the way. Why a week you ask I was hoping to see my congressman on the day after the rally.
Sorry I don't do Facebook just the old fart in me. so although i read stuff on there it is not so easy for me to interact with the social media.
I talked with Zak Carter yesterday about hooking me up with Cpl Thorsen but so far as i said no response back.
I have already seen the short video about the rules of the road concerning Id dress code etc and feel i understand the game plan.
If you or any of the other team members knows of anyone who is needing a ride from our area please let me know at
Zak has my cell here in Iowa please call when you get a chance don't want to post it here but will edit later if you feel it is needed.
Thanks for your continued service to our constitution,our nation and its wonderful people.
Eric V Grote Capt USAF ret

eric grote capt usaf ret