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Loved the poem

Ode to Ron Paul

T’is such a shame our candidate has not a booming voice,
A baritone Tex-rep Ron Paul would simplify the choice.

Too bad he doesn’t stand an inch or two above six feet,
That would clarify our pick, would make him tough to beat.

A cakewalk’s how he’d win it if his hair, like Mitt’s, were cool,
‘Cause charisma’s what really counts in whom we pick to rule.

He’s faithful to his family, been married 50 years,
So unlike Newt, whose baggage swells as this election nears.

Obama promised ‘hope and change’ in many wordy speeches,
Yet Doctor Ron’s the one we know would practice what he preaches.

If only he’d ease up a bit on foreign policy,
And send the jets to blow apart some minor country.