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Where do I start?

"We" did support a lot of terrible presidents and policies in the last 50 years. (And I personally thought Reagan was a terrible president.) But there has always been a bait and switch. Both Reagan and Bush said some very good things as CANDIDATES and DID very bad things instead. If someone voted for G.W. because he campaigned to put an end to nation-building and promised a humble foreign policy was that wrong?

No, it was wrong because WE should have figured out that you can't trust anyone that is supported by the political insiders no matter what they say. So far I haven't seen ANY generation of Americans that have learned THAT lesson.

I'm sorry to hear that you have bought into so many of the politically correct myths.
The propaganda was subtler in the 50's and 60's but it was just as pervasive. I remember Trick or Treating for Unicef as a child and I was elected as one of the outstanding delegates in our high school's model United Nation. As to racism, in Kindergarten I lived across the street from the college's Carver Science Hall named after George Washington Carver. To hear people talk, you would have thought that he was the second coming of Isaac Newton instead of the inventor of peanut butter.

When I went to college (granted to one of the most liberal colleges in the Midwest) it was a whole lot cooler to be a communist than a capitalist. I remember the coat closet of our dorm being turned into a "Free Store" by the resident hippie/yuppies where we were supposed to put things for other people to take. Somebody had spray painted "Property is Theft" in big red letters across the walls.

And no I don't think we OWED the Civil Rights Act to anyone. We OWED treating everyone with the same amount of respect for their individual liberties as everyone else.

And we certainly have not OWED that most racially bigoted of statist policies, affirmative action to anyone ever. If you can't see that as self-evident then we I'm afraid we will just have to remain at odds.

But I can see a pattern to your objections. You have bought into the PC stereotypes which the political establishment has tried so hard to cultivate. The same MSM that suppresses the message of Republicans like Ron Paul are the same ones that amplify the gay-bashing and race-baiting rhetoric of a vocal minority in the GOP and christen them as the "leaders" of the GOP and even the Tea Party. That is no accident, and you could be an example of why that strategy has been so successful.

If you remain convinced that a whole generation of Americans is irredeemable, then you will forever be a "phone booth" libertarian.

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